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For most of our Province’s history, the minutes of Metropolitan College and the London College of Adepts (from 1922), as well as papers presented at meetings and reports from the Metropolitan Study Group (founded in 1902), were published together.

In this section you will find the Metropolitan College Transactions that contain valuable research material in the form of minutes from both Metropolitan College and the London College of Adepts, as well as reports from the MSG going back to its formation and many papers that were presented in the Greater London area over 150+ years.
Before the creation of the Transactions there was an earlier periodical called The Rosicrucian that was used for communication in the founding years of the SRIA. As these were released before Metropolitan College was even named, including information about the activities of the Red Cross of Constantine and other related masonic orders of the time, they will not be published in this section. Given their historical importance to the Province of Greater London, we will look at some editions in future updates to our Archive Spotlight section.

The posts below are separated into specific decades with each providing an index of authors and topics of research papers in the annual Transactions, along with a download link for scanned PDF copies.
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