Autumn 2021 Programme

of the Metropolitan Study Group

18 September 2021

Launch of ‘SRIA London’ the online presence for the SRIA Province of Greater London. We will discuss with you its purpose and from your feedback will plan its further development. We intend to explore what we, as Rosicrucians, have to say to the world, indeed what should we say to the world.  

16 October 2021

A Salon Rose Croix. To inaugurate our first meeting at the Atlantis Bookshop we will stream a literary Salon Rose Croix from the bookshop that will blend music and performance with spoken contributions. See programme details below.

20 November 2021

What spiritual and philosophical ideas that inspired the Rosicrucians and the foundation of our Society in 1867 are relevant now?

18 December 2021

What is it that we should do? What is our Rosicrucian manifesto for the present moment?

Salon Rose Croix - A Rosicrucian Salon of the Arts
16th October 2021


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Event Programme:

2.30pm - Introduction

2.40- 2.45pm - Conjunctio (original composition) 

2.45- 3.15pm - Interview with Geraldine Beskin, proprietor of the Atlantis Bookshop

3.15- 3.30pm - Meditation focused on portrait of Mathers owned by the Atlantis Bookshop

3.30-3.40pm - Erik Satie – Gymnopedie No 1

3.40-4.10pm - ‘An encounter in a bookshop’. An improvised alchemical dialogue

4.10-4.15pm - Erik Satie l'Air de l'Ordre

4.15-4.55pm - Samuel Robinson on the 19th-century German Rosicrucian, Alois Mailander

4.55-5.00pm - These Beautiful Lights (original composition)

5pm-5.15pm - Closing 

From its foundation by the Metropolitan College, the Metropolitan Study Group has always understood that its purpose is to seek truth and perfection, and thereby heal our fellow men and women, and the world in which we live.

From 1976 until February 2020, our meetings were held in the headquarters of our Society at Stanfield Hall in Hampstead, London.

With the sale of this property, we sought a new location to provide an appropriate setting for the work that we hope to do in the future. Our search has now been completed and we will use premises at the Atlantis Bookshop, 49a Museum Street, Bloomsbury, London, from October 2021. This location has had a particularly close association with many of those people linked with the story of the Metropolitan College and will provide a sympathetic environment for its Study Group.

Our experience from the recent programme of Zoom meetings and the publication of our Pamphlets, is that there is a desire from our members for a greater range of contributions at our meetings. For example, by including presentations that blend papers and online content, meditations, music and performance.

In this manner, we will be providing a range of events that aim to offer a variety of experiences and formats, building upon the strengths of different environments both online and in person. From our online study groups that continue to build in popularity; through to our Rosicrucian Salons that bring together different experiential and artistic mediums; and in future also workshops that help people develop areas of interest most relevant to the Rosicrucian tradition.

If you are interested in attending any of the events listed above, or receive more information on new dates and topics as they become available, please sign up to our Metropolitan Study Group mailing list.

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