The Most Holy Trinosophia

Book Cover - The Most Holy Trinosophia

The first translation since Manley Palmer Hall in the 1930s, this brand-new edition features high quality color reproductions of the pages of the original manuscript at the Library of Troyes, France, with permission of the library and the Institute de Recherche et d'Histoire des Textes, a division of CNRS. More has been learned about the manuscript since then, and these new ideas are incorporated into the book.

As well as containing a complete color reproduction of the entire manuscript, including the covers for the first time, the translator, M.R. Osborne provides a comprehensive Introduction in which he explores the similarities between the Trinosophia and the Egyptian Books of the Dead. Following the manuscript he provides a new translation of the work, using this as an opportunity to provide close-up images of the key illustrations. The book also features a Foreword by Piers A. Vaughan.

This lavishly illustrated book is reproduced on high quality paper, and close to the size of the original manuscript.

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