The Lessons of Lyons

Book Cover - The Lessons of Lyons

Founded in 1754 by the enigmatic Martinez de Pasqually, the Order of Knight-Masons Elect Priests of the Universe (or Élus Coëns) left an indelible impression on French Freemasonry and worldwide Martinism.

Pasqually's Élus Coëns worked tirelessly for the restoration of man's inner divinity and eventual reintegration with God. The fraternity practised a system of white magic (theurgy) aimed at recovering humanity's original, spiritual memory.

Composed by Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, Jean-Baptiste Willermoz and Jean-Jacques Du Roy d'Hauterive, The Lessons of Lyons are a contemporary commentary on the instructions given by Pasqually, reproduced here in English for the first time. Also contained in this edition are several of Pasqually's surviving letters.

Second edition of M. R. Osborne’s comprehensive English translation.

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