The Hermetic Art of Memory

The Hermetic Art Of Memory Martin Faulks

Introduction by Martin Faulks

Many are aware of the mnemonic works of Giordano Bruno and Robert Fludd, but few are aware of another mystical memory master and member of the court of then James VI of Scotland - Alexander Dicsone, a follower and friend of Bruno. His mastery led to great fame in the British Isles with many authors referring to the more magical side of memory as "Dicsone’s Art".

For the first time ever two of Dicsone's own works on the art of memory have been translated into English by an expert in Renaissance Latin. Accompanied by extensive footnotes and an explanatory introductory chapter by Hermeticist Martin Faulks, Dicsone’s beautifully inspiring works are less guarded than his teachers and offer a unique opportunity to grasp the art and discover its full potential.

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