Nehushtan: The Brazen Serpent, Chaos and Order

Nehushtan Book Cover

Hardcover, colour edition. 

The theme of the book is an exploration of the myth of the Brazen Serpent as a cipher for the "Divine Code" concealed within everything about us. The book explores its theme through the paths of numerology, geometry and allegory, among others.

Using the image of the Brazen Serpent which Moses created and placed among the Hebrews wandering in the desert to protect them from the attacks of the serpents, the author considers the symbol of the serpent in its widest sense, not only from the notion of the Brazen Serpent as a symbol for Christ, but also from the point of the view of the Kabbalah, tracing the use of this potent symbol into more recent esoteric Orders.

The book comes with extensive tables including a selected bibliography; an index of biblical texts quoted; and an index of persons, places and subjects.

With a foreword by Alistair Lees, author of The English Illuminati and Librarian General of the S.R.I.A.

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