21st Century Rosicrucianism

Book Cover - 21st Century Rosicrucianism

When the original Rosicrucian pamphlets were circulated in the early 1600s they sent a shockwave across Europe, instigating a surge of activity that changed the course of Western Esotericism. The fact that they still resonate 400 years later is testament to the essential truth in the message of Love, Light and Reformation that they contained. Why do these manifestos, the traditions they were influenced by and the movement that they announced still speak to us? What does Rosicrucianism look like in the 21st century and how can it be practiced today? How is the context of the modern world similar to that of the original authors and what new challenges do we face that speak to the same need for spiritual liberation?

Emerging from 20 years of experience across a range of Rosicrucian orders and practice, this book brings together a vision of how the tradition speaks directly to our spiritual needs. Not only in how we understand the works of the past, but how each of us can incorporate the Rosicrucian worldview into our lives and become part of an inherently utopian movement that remains relevant and meaningful today.

Avoiding doctrine in favour of an open and honest portrayal of life in the Spirit, inside you will find a new way of viewing the Rosicrucian tradition that encourages us to embrace our own living embodiment of the eternal relationship between Humanity, Creation and the Divine.

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