Calendar Subscription Instructions

We have added all the remaining talks for this year's Metropolitan Study Group, as well as the dates for Metcol+LCA meetings, to a public google calendar. 

By subscribing to this calendar, you'll be able to see all the dates in your own calendar application. 💪

To subscribe to the calendar, simply copy the link below and paste it into your calendar subscription area. 

If you're using Google Calendar, you can do this by clicking "Other calendars", then "+", then "From URL", and pasting the link there. Like this...

Step 1.

Step 2.

Other calendar applications may have different instructions, but the main things is to look for: subscribe from URL.

It's important to subscribe using the URL so that any updates we make to the calendar will be reflected in your own calendar. If you download the .ics file you'll only get a static snapshot of events. 😭

Step 3. 

COPY THIS LINK (do not click & download):

Step 4. 

Paste it in to the 'From URL' field and hit subscribe!

We hope this helps make it easier to keep track of the SRIA London dates. 

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